Bright future if we look to our coastline

It was really interesting to read your article in the Evening News Wednesday April 25th “Scots voters warned oil income won’t pay our way in the future”.

Is the time right for Scotland to recognise the full value her great natural living resources? These are not found in oil reserves but in the natural habitats of Scotland’s sea and coastline. The recent white paper “A Sea Change” states that the UK’s total marine asset is currently valued at £ 67 billion. Major contributors to this total include oil and gas £22.3 billion, tourism and recreation £16 billion, naval defence £6.5 billion, ship and shipbuilding and repairs, £ 3 billion, ports £1.6 billion. According to the white paper £0.5 billion,( 1.34%) comes from fishing. Considering Scotland has 60% of the UK coastline, fishing, must be worth more than stated. Defining the true economic and socio economic value of fishing to Scotland and effective management of coastal communities would help Scotland pay its way and remain competitive in a new environmentally aware world.

Integrating fishing with other economic activities and finding a common purpose to build and develop fish stocks would add to Scotland’s unique and bountiful natural living resources. Greens, conservationists, anglers, fishermen and those interested in a successful Scotland can contribute to Scotland’s future by being responsible for sustainability and a bright future.

Yours sincerely

Brendan Kerr

19 Swanston Gardens


EH10 7DJ

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