Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

There has been a fair amount of comment regarding Al Gore’s movie relating to the environment. At the same time we are hearing a lot about the benefits of people from foreign lands coming to Scotland to find a new life. I am writing to ask if we should be considering the unique position of Scotland form a geographical and environmental perspective in relation to migration patterns in the context of all that is the “environment”.

If the current wave of people movements contributes to enhancing the living riches in Scotland then we will surely all benefit. If we in Scotland are unwilling to do what matters – to enhance the ability of the environment to produce a natural self sustaining abundance in our seas and rivers who else will?


Perhaps we need to look closer to home a put personal values on our own locals living natural resources in Edinburgh.


For example, the Firth of Forth, the rivers Esk, Almond, and the water of Leith can all support abundance of Atlantic salmon and their cousins the sea trout if only the correct measures were put in place.  We may not have all the facts but there are certain environmental imperatives that we must get right. If Al Gore’s movie motivates us to act locally to look after valuable natural resources that would benefit us all.


Brendan Kerr

Swanston Gardens


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