United front key to preventing doomsday scenario


It is encouraging to hear Seafish Chief Executive John Rutherford says he thinks the Fishing Industry is moving in positive way. (10 November 2006)

In light of the so called Doomsday Science referring to the article in Science can we hear more about the positive efforts being made by the Fishing Industry.

Whether the doomsday scenario predicted by the Science article is right or not, over exploitation, pollution and habitat destruction have all contributed to the dooms days of the past two decades or so. What lessons have been learnt? As some optimism returns for those still fishing what plans can the industry put in place to build a better future?

Fishermen just like the rest of society are concerned about the negative impacts they may have on their local environment. Fishermen now have a real opportunity to take a lead in demonstrating environmental protection provides for a better economy not only in a fishing context but in the wider arguments concerning global environmental issues including global warming. Isn’t it time the scientists understood the fishermen better and the fishermen understood the scientists better. The fishing Industry could be a much better place, when fishermen and scientists provide a solution to over exploitation, pollution and habitat destruction. Why not appoint a person responsible for increasing understanding and common concerns of scientist and fishermen. That would generate opportunities for sustainable exploitation, pollution would be reduced and habitats would be abundant and diverse. Will the industry rise to the challenge to enhance the education, skills training offered so that fishermen can understand the scientists and scientists understand fishermen?


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