The Economics of Fishing, and Education for a Sustainable Future

The Economics of Fishing, and Education for a Sustainable Future.

 There are many ways to achieve a thriving economy whether, from clean energy technology, boat building or modern electronics to name a few. In Ireland fishing has a vital role to play adding value to people’s lives and local communities. If fishing is unsustainable what hope is there for the planet?

The success of the Irish stand at the World’s largest seafood show is a demonstration of how important fishing currently is to Ireland. Such success should encourage action for sustainability.

As Tom Creedon reported in the May issue, the Kerry  salmon nets men have responded to the drift net ban by providing options for a way forward including a demand for the provision of scholarships . Who will listen and provide funding for education and training scholarships that build further understanding of the sustainability of salmon?

A funded education programme would go a long way to ensure that fishermen, no longer able to net salmon, can work together with scientists and policy makers to improve the sustainability of fishing in Ireland. 

There is a need for communication, understanding, strong representation and co operation from all groups interested in enhancing neglected and over exploited natural living resources like salmon. Sustainable fishing deserves full recognition for its worth as an activity that adds real long term economic and socioeconomic value to local communities. Aesthetically harbours and coastlines would be impoverished if there were no fishing boats to look at, photograph or paint with their attendant wildlife.

Ireland’s seas produce a bountiful harvest. Local communities support their fishing fleets, fishermen support the local community and provide downstream employment. It would make sense therefore in the brave new world of environmental awareness to invest in the future by compensating nets men fairly and by providing additional educational and research opportunities to enhance further understanding of fishing and its environments around Ireland.  

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Brendan Kerr

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