Slaney Rivers Trust Meeting

My View and summary

The key points that I wish to add as an observer include;

The schedule was busy and there was as tangible enthusiasm for the River Trusts model.

There is a need to define more closely an outcome plan for the Slaney defining future outcomes for salmon and salmon angling. For example what signal would indicate that angling would again be allowed to start again and what will the fishing structure look like.

Milestone outcomes are needed to determine progress towards a specified aim. I would like to think that such an outcome would include abundant salmon stocks on the Slaney that will be protected and exploited sustainably to provide economic and socio economic utilization of a natural living resource. 

With regard to the closure of many rivers in Ireland for salmon angling, Irish outcomes need to be determined for the rivers in Ireland which meet the specific demands of the Irish economy and its environmental uniqueness. It is hoped that there will be a facility to ensure such rivers improve over the years and are not just forgotten about as salmon rivers.

The uniqueness of individual rivers through out Britain and Ireland provides a diversity of opportunity to determine a broad base of appropriate strategies to accommodate geographic, ecological and socio-economic structures.

What are the expected outcomes from environmental management plans, to bear fruit in future years? There is perhaps a need for a greater definition of outcomes based milestones to achieve goals for collaboration between science, policy and sustainability to define a strategy for greater abundance of wild Atlantic salmon.

The meeting at Bunclody will certainly be successful if it provides and identifies opportunities for networking, partnering and exchange of ideas. I hope that the outcome of the meeting achieves partnership working for the future prosperity of rivers and streams in Britain and Ireland. That should include diversity and abundance appropriate to the uniqueness of each river. The need to mange and enhance abundant salmon runs relevant to the specific uniqueness of individual catchments that will determine a truly successful outcome for Atlantic salmon in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

Brendan Kerr

Natural Living Assets

19 Swanston Gardens


EH10 7DJ

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