No Hiding Place for Polluters

No Hiding Place for Polluters

There have been a number pollution incidents reported in this paper recently including the Fardross river, a tributary of the River Blackwater and Lough Neagh. The recent pollution incident on the Sixmilewater  (Ballymartin water) also a tributary of Lough Neagh needs to be highlighted also. This recent incident was more destructive than the previous and many Angler’s looking forward to enjoying fishing on the river Sixmilewater will have to go somewhere else to enjoy their angling unless they wish to fish on a river devoid of natural life. The DOE and EHS often state they do their best to prevent pollution and prosecute polluters in Northern Ireland. Certainly they but have a duty to the wider public to ensure such pollution incidents don’t occur. Local anglers spend about 20 million on their angling annually (recent DCAL report) and contribute to the economy by demanding clean and healthy rivers. Dollaghan, wild Atlantic salmon and trout are all too valuable as a renewable resource to undervalue. There is so much more to do to engender a spirit of zero tolerance to pollution in Northern Ireland so can we see some cooperation and action plans to achieve this.

 Yours sincerely

 Brendan Kerr

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