Pollution Incident

Decision makers for a sustainable environmentally healthy Northern Ireland

In light of a recent pollution incident where up to 20,000 wild salmon and trout were destroyed on a major Lough Neagh tributary it is interesting to read that many of the key utility director posts in Northern Ireland are filled by non locals living in England. 50% of the board responsible for providing water and sewage services in Northern Ireland! Does such far off management achieve local transparent decision making to facilitate first class environmental management?  The socio economic and environmental value gained from clean water flowing into Lough Neagh needs to be recognised beyond the need to supply sewage and water. Salmon, dollaghan, trout eels, powan, otters, kingfishers, herons and many others need to be allowed to thrive and add environmental and socioeconomic value to Lough Neagh and her tributaries. The challenge is therefore to define a locally representative model of environmental management that ensures this happens. 

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