Response to UK draft Marine Bill

Response to Draft UK Marine Bill proposals

Please find comments re UK Draft marine Bill for consideration.

Unique Geographies and Ecosystems

Any new management structures will work sustainably when they work with the unique Geographies and the specific ecological structures they support. Therefore a big picture strategy will need to be modified to take account of unique geographical interests.

Northern Ireland and Cross Border co operation

Northern Ireland in particular represents a unique challenge where agencies such as the Loughs agency and other cross border organisations need to be considered to facilitate the best outcome for NI with neighbours in the Irish republic and rest of UK.

The function of the NI assembly in delivering the UK Marine Goals also needs to be considered fully.

Local Fishermen

There is a real need to get buy in from local fishermen, fishermen’s groups and to ensure that plans to develop Marine Protected Areas are supported by this undervalued group. The true socio economic value of fishing needs to be re assessed as significant damage could be done if this is undervalued.

Socio Economic Gain from Fish Stocks

Fish stocks and the eco systems that support them are renewable resources and therefore the value provided to local coastal communities by thriving fish stocks needs to be fully recognised.

Fully recognising the potential for ANGLING to provide socio economic gain

There has been little mention of the role of angling as a contributor to socio economic gain in coastal communities and it would be helpful to consider the needs of anglers more than has so far been included.  Angling provides significant socio economic gains in coastal communities and needs full consideration in valuing developments.  

Non designated zones

Need to consider carefully the impact on zones that are not designated as marine Conservation Zones within the proposed UK Marine Bill designations.

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